The Foothills Global Impact Team seeks opportunities to establish relationships with local churches and/or ministries around the globe.  We desire to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the local residents, as well as build up the body of Christ through material resources, support, and discipleship opportunities. The Global Impact Team will also seek to provide opportunities for Foothills members to gain a global vision of God’s work, identify with Him in it, and be able to express thanksgiving for, and recognition of, the abundant blessings He has provided. 


The Foothills Global Impact Team will be made up of key people who have a passion for impacting the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping advance the Kingdom of God around the globe. The Global Impact team will help identify, empower, release, and support the people God is calling to be key players in His adventures. 


  • We believe that the greatest impact for Christ can be made through the establishment of long term relationships.
  • We believe that it is our duty to transfer the resources that God entrusted us with to those in need, believing Christ blesses us until our cups runneth over.
  • We believe that a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s work can be achieved when we are exposed to a global vision.
  • We learn to appreciate the blessings God has given us when we see those without.
  • We learn to deepen our faith when we see faith expressed in others.
  • We believe that it is an honor and a great excitement to experience the call of God to share His love with others and we seek to gain that experience as often as we can.

Active Missionaries

Juan Carlos and Elizabeth Jimenez

Juan Carlos and his wife Elizabeth serve as our Guatemala missionaries team. They are the key to all of our ministries in Guatemala.  

Juan Carlos is a national who grew up in a child sponsorship program and even went to the San Lucas school for a couple of years as a child.  
Elizabeth is Canadian.  

The combination of them together makes them incredibly effective partners to work with.  

They live out the vision of Foothills.  Juan Carlos the founder and director of the Light of the World School.

Chad Africa
Mary Stone

Mary has served faithfully in Chad for over 25 years under the direction of TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission). Chad is located in the “heart” of Africa and is twice the size of Texas. Chad is 55% Muslim, 39% Christian and 6% traditional religions. 80% of the people live below the poverty line with the average yearly income only being $740.00 a year. The population of Chad is 14 million people with a life expectancy of 49 for men and 51 for women.
There are 127 languages in Chad.
Teaching the Bible and encouraging people of all ages to walk with Jesus is Mary’s greatest joy. She had done this in classroom settings, through films that she had produced, and in showing the Jesus film to groups of people ranging from 100 to 1000 in size.

Encourage our active missionaries

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