strong  foundations

God is calling on Foothills to REACH | EQUIP | TRANSFORM now more than ever!  He is asking Foothills and all our people to equip ourselves in His Word so that we may reach others in our community.  This is a call to everyone at Foothills to sign up for our Strong Foundations series of classes starting with 'Strong in Faith'.

'Strong in Faith' will cover:  What is a Christian?, Sin and its Consequences, Hope & Salvation,  Forever Relationship with God, and Next Steps.

Let's do this, let's travel Strong Foundations together and get equipped to reach those who have yet to know Jesus and His transforming love.

We will meet in the FSM space on Sunday Mornings.

Please click on the blue links below to sign up.
Strong in Faith
class 1
In this 1 hour class we will cover:  

What is a Christian?
Sin and its Consequences
Hope & Salvation
Forever Relationship with God
Baptism, Communion & Getting Plugged In.
Strong in Purpose
class 2
In this 1 hour class we will cover:

Foothills Mission

Foothills Core Values
Go, Grow, Give, Worship, Work, Love, Pray
Strong in Action
class 3