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The mission of Foothills Hope Counseling is to provide targeted, biblical counsel for life’s struggles to people from Foothills Community Church and its surrounding community. Our goal is to connect our community to the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ and equip them with practical tools that encourage emotional healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation. We believe in the healing life-changing power of Jesus Christ through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the instruction of God’s Word. To reach out to those in the midst of life’s challenges, and to equip them with practical tools that encourage emotional healing, personal growth, and spiritual transformation.


Our goal is to provide short-term, clinically-informed biblical counseling in the local community. Recognizing the need for affordable help with anxiety, depression, stress, anger, abuse, addictions, grief, marriage, parenting, and more, Foothills Hope Center seeks to create a loving support system within the local church for those in need of care for life’s struggles and transitions.

Philosophy of Care

Foothills Hope Counseling is committed to providing a balanced form of counseling that is both rooted in biblical faith and clinically informed. Our counselors provide biblical counseling; they do not provide therapy or psychotherapy as licensed mental health practitioners. Our vision for counseling is short-term care and help in life’s transitions such as anxiety, depression, anger, stress, abuse, conflict, addictions, grief and loss, marriage reconciliation, parenting. We envision counseling happening in 50-minute sessions, over 2-8 total sessions (in most cases).

We Help With General Life Struggles

  • Anxiety, stress and depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Marriage stress
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger and unforgiveness
  • Addictions and eating disorders


Foothills Hope Counseling operates on a voluntary payment for services. Hope Counseling services are rendered non-tax deductible. We believe counseling services need to be accessible and affordable for anyone seeking help, and pricing should not prevent anyone from receiving counseling. Research demonstrates that a financial obligation fosters increased accountability, consistency, and success for counselees. The suggested payment for each session is $50.00. If finances are a concern, we welcome a conversation around this topic and will work with you to best serve your needs. You are invited to give beyond the suggested amount in order to support the ministry and to help us grow in our ability to meet community needs.

Who We Serve

Individuals and couples age 13+
(limited availability for middle and high school students)

Foothills Hope Counseling  
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