Guatemala Missions

2023 Guatemala Mission Trip

Save the date for the next Guatemala Mission Trip!
When: March 24-31, 2023
Application & $500 Deposit Due:  Sunday, December 4, 2022
Passports: Required and may take up to 2 months to process so plan ahead!
Team: 15 people of varying ages and skill sets
Contact for more information: Lisa Satrum (503-829-5101)

Light of the World School

–Launched in 2012 this school is the hub of community transformation.  It is a Christian school started by Juan Carlos and Elizabeth.  It started with 2 grades in 2012, and is adding one new great each year.  We are together seeking God for how the school can continue to grow and bring transformation in its community.   Listen to Juan Carlos’ words “We are very thankful to the Lord for leading us to work especially with the children and youth of Guatemala. He has given us a vision to use education as tool to train up young people to be Christian leaders and to touch the families and community we are in with God`s love. In Guatemala there is an abundance of poverty, crime, illiteracy and malnutrition. Our desire is to change all of this with God`s love and providing education, feeding programs, and Christian training. We believe that with God`s help we can make a difference in the communities that we are working in.”

San Lucas School

This school is not a Christian School, but it is privately operated.  Foothills has an open door for ministry of every kind here.  We have been involved in this school since 2007.

Kairos House

The Kairos house is short stay home in Guatemala City where families can stay whose kids are receiving treatment for cancer or other terminal illnesses in the hospital across the street. Without this ministry the families it serves would be forced to stay on the street.

Ways you can get involved

  • Supporting Juan Carlos and Elizabeth – Juan Carlos and Elizabeth’s entire salary is made up from supporters.  You can join their team by picking a monthly amount of your choice and begin financially supporting them.
  • Child Sponsorship – Individuals and families can sponsor a child at one of the schools we work in.  Sponsoring a child cost $50 a month.  The money goes to the educational needs of the child as well as the support structure for the ministry.  (For more details contact Lisa Satrum.  Quite often there is a waiting list to sponsor a child.)
  • Going on a mission trip – Our church sends 1-2 teams a year to be hands on in Guatemala.  Recently our trips have included various work projects for needy families and Light of the World school, ministering at both the Light of the World school and the San Lucas school, visitation of the Kairos house, and various other activities.  Warning:  Going on a mission trip just might change your life and the way you view the world.
  • Help support our mission fundraisers – Before our trips we have mission fundraisers.  These fundraisers are a great way for people to participate in our outreach to Guatemala.
  • Word of Mouth – Sharing about our ministry in Guatemala with friends, family, and co-workers is an amazing way to share your faith, and also to further the pool of influence for what God wants to do in Guatemala.
  • Prayer – Transformation is a spiritual battle.  And when we pray to God we are fighting spiritually.  Being committed to praying for the ministry in Guatemala is an essential way to support the work.
If you would like to support efforts in Guatemala by sponsoring a child or supporting global outreach, you can now do so through online giving or learn more about other giving options.