Notice To Our Church Attendees

Recently, the Governor in the state of Oregon wrote an executive order mandating that people employed in certain professions be required to inoculate themselves against the Covid-19 variant(s).  Given the difficulty of weighing in on a very controversial and complicated matter, we here at Foothills Community Church, have decided to do the following in an effort to help our attendees wade through what can be an overwhelming decision.

Below you will find a link to the Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 Vaccine Religious Exception Request Form.  Additionally, there is a link below for our current letter of explanation and beliefs in regards to not only the Covid-19 vaccination, but vaccinations in general. Please feel free to use these documents in an effort to work through your particular situation(s).
At this given point and time, this is what our leadership has decided to do for those who attend our church.  Please be advised that we are unable to take calls and emails from employers.  As time progresses and agendas change, we will do all we can to adapt and support our church attendees.  May God richly bless you in all that you do and need.