At Foothills we have an expectation that every person serves somewhere.
We want every person to serve the Lord enthusiastically. Serving should be a joyous experience not
drudgery – duty – or for some spiritual obligation, we are trying to fulfill.
Every follower of Jesus has a contribution to make to God’s Kingdom agenda for planet earth.
We want to unleash people to discover this at Foothills.   

Don't Know Where to Serve? 

S.H.A.P.E. Program

Find your S.H.A.P.E.

Want to know what opportunities fit your unique spiritual gifts and abilities? SHAPE Ministry can help you find your "sweet spot" in service. Take the online SHAPE Assessment and connect with a SHAPE Coach to take the next step on our path in serving the Kingdom of God!
Every follower of Jesus is uniquely gifted and shaped to serve. When we do work that matches our gifting and design, it's natural to serve with enthusiasm. As every person does their work, the influence of the church in our world is multiplied and the Kingdom of God advances! 


Please reach out if you still have questions.